12th Istanbul Biennial until Nov 13

Looking to challenge the treatment of vast worldwide exhibits, the two curators Pedrosa and Hoffman, take on works of more than 110 artist in five group shows. The  stimulus for the show being Felix-Gonzalez Torres, A Cuban-US artist who died of an aids related illness in 1996; and whose work explored paradoxical ideals such as loss and presence and depletion and restoration.

Pedrosa and Hoffman recognizing the recurring interest in the relationship by art and politics, challenge this relationship further by calling for art to be “politically progressive as well as being aesthetically ­innovative” and use Gonzalez work as a point of departure.

They have purposely housed the exhibit at the Antrepo complex of former warehouses, on the banks of the Bosphorus alongside the Istanbul Modern as a way of  working away from famous backdrops of the city and instead focusing on the gallery space. With an undisclosed list of artist and selecting title of “Untitled” the curators try to keep matters open and avoid the typical marketing hype. The keep in line with Istanbul’s Biennial’s tradition of emphasizing on Latin American and Middle Eastern art and its spirit of experimentation and innovation.



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