Yawmeya(r)t: Art & Photography from the Arab World and its Neighbours

As we continue to Tweet. Paint. Facebook. Forward. Photograph. Blog. Post… we enable change. Yawmeya(r)t is a diary of the work of artists and photographers from the Arab World. Through regular entries and links to artists’ work, galleries, exhibitions, blogs and articles, it takes part in the growing recognition of this regions talent and stretches an intricate canvas that shares more inspiring images of the Middle East and North Africa.

Art offers new interpretations as well as a relief from the politics that has inundated the region. At a time when unity and pride fill the streets of many Arab countries, we are reminded of how far our potential exceeds our political borders. The work of these artists has the same effect. Armed with their mediums, ranging from sketches to installations, sometimes with boldness and sometimes with humor, they allow us to envision new boundaries for the region and ourselves.

Yawmeya(r)t comes from a strong personal belief in the influence of arts. Having spent time both in and away from the Middle East, I have come to appreciate the exceptional art and talent of this region. The back and forth has sharpened my views and makes me enthusiastic about sharing them.

Ghia Zaatari

Contact: ghia.zaatari@gmail.com

2 responses to “About

  1. Lara Ariss

    Wow!! I am impressed 🙂

  2. This a road towards unity in defiance of all negative forces!

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