Athier extends an invitation to explore “ancient Iraqi ornamentation in a modern vernacular and post-pop aesthetic.” An eye full in which no two glances are the same. He celebrates and brings promise to matters such as exile, upheaval and integration through his abstract shapes and bright colors.

The fragments with which he composes his paintings are conscious choices made by Athier, reflecting his own fragmented memories of leaving Iraq before the gulf war and life there after between London and Paris. Athier reassembles these memories into new landscapes enlivened with playful caricatures.  His landscapes are also largely shaped by geometric Islamic forms and Arabic calligraphy. “Arabic language conveys to become at once distinct from, yet an integral part of, the work as a whole.” The significance of letter is made apparent by the context; the same as it would be in a body of text.

Athier currently lives and works in Paris. His work was recently displayed at Cuadro Gallery, Dubai.  

Together We Fall

toast butter jam

these are your feet

these are my feet

Ennah Butta! (I'm a Hero)


beautiful rubble

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