Heroes & Villains

Characteristic of LawrieShabibi Gallery, eclectic and electric, this exhibit [running from 12 jun – 21 july, 2011] captures a wide range of talent from the ME region and exhibits a series of artist for their first time in Dubai.

In a world where our Heroes and Villains can be flipped as easily as T.V. channels, this exhibit highlights the glamour, melodrama and our wild imagination that gives rives to heroes and villains alike.

Gazelle Samizay looks at how tradition has come to asphyxiate women. Asad Faulwell honors Algerian females that fought to end the French occupation in Algeria. KatayounVaziri propagates Iranian posters of 80s as manipulated by the general public.Yasam Sasmazer’s children haunt us with their imaginations. While Aicha Hamuarranges a polyptych of Elizabeth Taylor and her seven husbands.

This exhibited also stands out with works by: Ali Abdel Mohsen, Farsad Labbaufand and MarwanSahmarani.

Al Quoz, Dubai


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