Youssef Nabil

Born in Cairo born, Nabil grew up during the glory years of Egyptian cinema. He plays with the boundary between fantasy and reality going back in time with his pieces to childhood memories of cinematic stories, when dreams and reality were one. His career began with him staging his friend to act out scenes he recalled from films he loved. One time while photographing in a hotel in Cairo he was coicidentally stopped and asked for a hand by David La Chapelle. He later went on to work with him in New York as well as other prominent studios in Paris.

Nabil’s work is distinguished by the nostalgic effect he creates with hand-colored silver gelatin pictures; reminiscent of the aesthetic characteristic of olf film stock & technicolor. He works with a variety of subjects and has often returned to Egypt to work with famous film stars, singers and writers, capturing their portaits, as a way to immortalize his favorites.



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