Edge of Arabia

While traveling through Saudi Arabia in 2003 a British Artist, Stephen Stapleton, had a promising encounter with local artist at Al Meftaha Arts Village.  As part of a grassroots initiative Stapleton along with co-founders Ahmed Matar and Abdulnasser Gharem scouted the country for its talent.

After five years Edge of Arabia brought forward this talent to the UK. It then traveled on to Berlin, Venice biennale, Dubai and more in the form of a series of exhibits.The last exhibit ‘Terminal’ was set in Dubai DIFC warehouse.

The simulated passport and security check marks the start of a walk through a terminal; one with an indefinite waiting room, suspended identities, bureaucracy and a confounded sense of escape.

 Aside from its visceral effect this exhibit received acclaim for it collaborative work and Bashar Shroogis cunning push of curatorial boundaries. With work of leading artists, including: Manal Al Dowayan, Ayman Yossari Daydban, Abdulnasser Gharem, Ahmed Mater and Maha Malluh.


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