Menasart held in Beirut Central District this last July, re-asserts this capital as one increasingly dedicated to the contemporary arts. This fair brings together art from the MENA and South Asia region in a celebration of globalization.  This year’s fair proved to be more substantial than that of lasts with an assembly of 28 galleries and a series of Lebanese private collections, on display including that of Rula Zaki, Salah Barakat and several more.

Nadim Karam

Nadim Karam

 Nadim Karam’s mammalian sculptures extend a warm welcome into the fair with an overview of his distinguished line of work.   

"after six days and we will be back, Inshallah" (2011), Katani

Abdulrahman Katani’s “after six days and we will be back, Inshallah” (mixed media, 2011), displayed by Agial Art Gallery, is a recollection of amassed stories left standing amongst us. Katani, a Palestinian artist born in Shatila Camp (suburb of Beirut) in 1983 uses tools from the camp to deliver life stories of resistance and endurance at a life scale.

Hamza Bounoua

Hamza Bounoua is an Algerian artist now living in Kuwait. He signs on to plexi-glass his language of harmony inspired by Arabic Calligraphy and Berber Signs.

Other glimpses:

Raouf Rifai, Raja Nehme Sertin Gallery (Lebanon)

"The Kiss", FA Gallery (Kuwait)


Essam Maruf, WARD culture & art center (Egypt)

Kozah Art Gallery (Syria)

Omar Fakhoury, Agial Art Gallery (Lebanon)

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